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  • Testimonials
Welcome to NaikWealth Financial Planners
Established in May 1989, we at Naikwealth continue the legacy of growth and commitment in providing investment advisory for your needs. We don’t step on trends nor gimmicks. Our Advise and Service is based on hard research, Facts & Figures and backed by decades of experience. Our followed practice is to fulfill your goals and objectives in time period set by you. More than 10,000 individuals are investing their trust with us since our inception. Our Bond of Harmony with our existing clients has made us a synonymist of Success, Wealth and Confidence. We welcome you to the prospering Family!
Article of the Month
With pressure on generating more employment for its citizens, the US is likely to impose barriers and that could be tariff or otherwise, impacting manufactured imports into the country
Why Financial Planning?
Everyone wishes to have a comfortable retired life but without adequate planning will it be possible for your wish to come true? Probably not. Working span and post retirement span
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